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Glacial Boulders


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Glacial boulders are one our favorite stones for features and rockeries. Every time we have a load tipped in our quarry it looks like we’ve placed every stone intentionally. The vibrant colours of the granite rocks are magnificent and the roughly rounded shapes bring thoughts of beautiful countryside. They make fantastic water features and are so simple to get great effects with. Mixing them with our slate paddlestones can create a water feature that wouldn’t look out of place in the heart of the welsh countryside.

We have three different sizes available. 60-80 stones per crates, 10- 15 stones per pallet and 4- 6 stones per pallet.

Our Standard Rockery pallets have 60-80 stones per crate and are a mix of roughly 10-25kg stones so roughly around the size of a football.

Our Medium rockery pallets have 10-15 stones per crate are roughly 75-100kg per stone, which is about 1.5 times bigger than a football.

The Large rockery pallets have 4-6 stones per pallet these are very large pieces at 150-250 kg per stone and are 3-4 times the size of a football.


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