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Porthole monoliths are a very desirable water feature. Taking the natural ancient beauty of the slate and putting a very sleek looking modern core hole through the piece and then drilling to enable the water to come through the porthole. This creates a stunning piece of sculpture work, which will give a wonderful look to your project.

With all our porthole monoliths we select a suitable size for the port hole, so as to provide a well proportioned hole to the stone. We can also provide polished portholes, please ring us for further details if this is of interest.

If you are interested in securing your monolith better we do supply a range of options for raising the stability of the stone. Click here for more details.

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50-74cm, 75-99cm, 100-124cm, 125-149cm, 150-174cm, 175-200cm


Blue Slate, Green Slate, Grey Slate, Plum Slate


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