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Choosing a garden monolith

Garden Monoliths or standing stones are a beautiful and popular product of ours. We sell them in many different types of stone and with different varieties of water features. Our standard water feature monoliths involve us carefully selecting a piece of natural stone and sawing it to create a standing stone feature. We then drill from the base upwards to the top using highly specialized diamond drill bits, the hole through the middle of the stone enables water to be pumped from a water reservoir (usually created underneath the stone) to the top of the stone without any visible pipes. The water erupts from the peak of the stone creating a stunning water feature which enhances the colour of the stone and gives the lovely relaxing sound of falling water.

With our more sophisticated drill techniques we are able to create other water features such as our Romance monoliths, porthole monoliths and Letterbox monoliths.

Choosing the right stone for your garden is mostly about personal taste, but here are some things to consider:


We make a large range of monoliths from Green slate through to Limestone. Although the slate monoliths were the first most of us saw in the garden centers, Limestone and sandstone monoliths are now becoming just as popular. The slate provides a beautiful contrast of colour to most gardens and the limestone and sandstone monoliths give more subtle and traditional appearances to Landscapes.

Along with the style that you are trying to achieve in your garden, its also good to consider the colours already present. I would suggest a contrast to the buildings around to make the water feature stand out. If you are set on matching the stone with the house colour then adding a contrasting pebble base with the stone will also have wonderful effects. A colour combination that I am particularly fond of is light grey limestone such as our Cathedral cobbles along with blue slate monoliths or vice versa. I think it is a very prestigious looking blend of colour and works well with most gardens.


Romance Monolith

Romance Monolith

Creating a unique look in your garden is important to a lot of us. With our range of styles I am sure you will be able to find a stone that suits you. If you are looking for something very unique then its worth looking at our bespoke monolith section. Pictured is our romance monolith a slate porthole stone which is a different style from the traditional monoliths.

Height & Size

Garden Monoliths

Bigger is occasionally not better! From time to time we do have to exchange monoliths that have turned up at an address because there is no back entrance to the garden and the 1.8m , 500kg monolith we supplied is proving too difficult to be carried through the house! Generally as the monoliths get taller, they get bulkier. This means that the difference between a 100 cm monolith and a 150 cm one can mean a 200% rise in weight.

If you are in doubt please get in touch. We can help plan and select monoliths that will be suitable and manageable for you to get in place. We have many tips and tricks for getting stones to where most people would think it impossible, but planning is definitely the key to success with this!

Besides the logistics relative size to your garden is also important. Too small and the feature wont stand out, but too large and it can be overpowering. Cardboard cutouts of the rough size of your ideal stone are a good idea so you can get a feel for how large you would like the feature to be.