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Choosing Your Rockery Stone

At Wadsworth Design we have a large range of beautiful rockery stone available to suit all types and styles of gardens. To choose your stone the key things that you want to bear in mind include:

  •  The type of stone already in your garden and used for your house. I.e. you may have a red brick house, for which Buff sandstone would compliment nicely or even our pink Granite, or you house might have a blue slate roof which would match the blue slate rockery.
  •  The Rock type in your surrounding area. Most places use the stone which is readily available to them, and to fit in with your surrounding areas you should look at what the walls and soil colours are like in your area.
  • Traditonal combinations, For example the houses in our surrounding area in the peak district use cropped grey limestone walls, blue slate roofs and buff sandstone window surrounds and coins. The sandstone was used as it was much easier to cut for lintels and cills than the limestone. So combinations of sandstone steps with limestone rockery fit in well with our traditional houses.  However In some of my own projects I have opted to contradict the traditional “easy route” and make the more complex shapes from limestone and the simple rocks from sandstone. But it gives you another route of ideas to go down.
  • Your taste. This is the the most important factor, a lot of our customers mix and match stone types as I will be doing in my own garden with blue slate and Grey limestone. Visitors are welcome to our site by appointment, where you can see for yourself colours and styles that work well together.


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Choosing your Rockery stone

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