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Rockery Locations

Where should you create your beautiful rockery garden?

It is important you plan the area you want to create a rockery garden. If it is for supporting a patio or an embankment the answer to this is obvious. If its purely to add some style to your garden, you will have a bit more choice. Rockeries work best in banked areas, where you can cut into the bank to provide level ground for the rocks to be seated on. This also makes it a lot easier as the bank already provides some good support for the stones. And will require a lot less work than making a rockery on level ground.

With a will there is a way, Ive built rockeries in all sorts of locations with all sorts of obstacles making it more challenging. However most obstacles can be overcome with clever handling and experience.

large rockery stone positioning

large rockery stone positioning

Check for potential hazards, before digging anywhere you need to be 100% sure there are no services in the area which you want to work eg:

Electric Wires

Gas Pipes

Water Pipes

Phone Lines

Sewage and drain pipes

If you do have one or more of these running in the vicinity you need to uncover them by lightly digging and find out their exact position. They then need to be suitably covered or better still kept well clear of with the machinery and the heavy rocks. In my own rockery I re-routed my phone line, and oil heating pipe through 3” steel pipe, to ensure I wasn’t going to have any accidents!


Rockery locations

Styling your Rockery

Selecting your Rockery stone sizes

Choosing your Rockery stone

Positioning Larger Rockery Stones

Securing Rockery Stones

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