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Selecting Rockery Stone Sizes

Choosing stone sizes

Wadsworth Design sells a lot of rockery stone every year of all different shapes and sizes, with customers having special requests for different projects. Each customer with their own style in mind. Starting with the standard sized rockery we sell, in a one tonne basket you can expect to receive between 50 to 100 pieces, This size is generally for decorative purposes. However if laid well it can be very strong in supporting embankments etc.

Stone Garden

A Stone Garden created by Wadsworth design

For real visual impact I would advise using a mixture of small and larger stones, most people see a small rockery as a simple feat, however large stones attract interest and questions as to how on earth you managed it! (When really it’s quite simple…But you don’t have to tell your friends that!!)

Limestone rockery garden

A unique Limestone Rockery garden


Rockery locations

Styling your Rockery

Selecting your Rockery stone sizes

Choosing your Rockery stone

Positioning Larger Rockery Stones

Securing Rockery Stones